Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Astrology & Occult Newsletter #9

In this issue of The Astrology & Occult Newsletter Venus Astrology presents:

Joyce Van Horn 

Joyce Van Horn
Who is she and what she does? Let her speak ...
A healing arts practitioner, in full-time practice since 1984 in San Francisco, California. I'm a Sagittarius, optimistic and far-sighted, but my feet are firmly planted on the ground. I believe that you can get what you want and be authentically who you are. I've had a broad and diverse array of life experience in my 50+ years. That helps me help you, too.
The most active part of my practice revolves around Evolutionary Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology, created by Steven Forrest, is the astrology of choice, imagination and freedom. The planets ask the questions. The answers are up to you. It offers another layer of profound astrological information that is available only in this system. It will open new doors of information and inspiration for you. It is life-changing.

I also offer mentoring, tutoring, flower essence consultations, tarot card readings, astrological classes, workshops and retreats.
What she can do for you?
Help you to get to know yourself better. I offer sound, clear information, propitious timing (through astrology), inspiration and choices. These are keys to empowerment and freedom. After all, you're here to live your life. I'm here simply as a guide. Feeling empowered also means feeling more confident. I'll help you identify and begin to change the way(s) in which you get stuck (that habit or repetitive tendency that is difficult to change alone) and get aligned with your true direction and passions. My work is straightforward, compassionate and fun (I believe in laughter as an essential medicine).

Where to find more?
If you want to know more about Joyce Van Horn and the services she offers I invite you to visit her website: Also you should visit her excellent blog at

That's it for now. Another excellent astrologer brought to you by Venus Astrology. Enjoy guys!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Astrology & Occult Newsletter #8

In this issue of The Astrology and Occult Newsletter Venus Astrology presents:

Divine Harmony

So, who is she? Let her speak ...

I am a student of the mysteries of life. Astrology is my first love followed by depth psychology. I am currently in a doctorate program of depth psychology which has led me to the path I am on now. I am drawn to anything esoteric- astrology, tantra, alchemy, shamanism, wicca, etc... I am also passionate about symbolism, archetypes, dreams and images.

I know that I am here for reasons beyond my own personal existence and I have just begun to take the first steps on the path to make that my focus in life. I was first introduced to astrology thirteen years ago and it quickly became a life-long love affair. Since then I have done correspondence courses on astrology, taken local classes in my community, attended astrology conferences and meetup groups, and devoured every book on astrology that I could get my hands on. It wasn’t until I started grad school that I began to realize that my hobby was truly a calling and a life path, and for this I am very grateful.

My one wish for humanity is to open the heart chakras of everyone on the planet. I hope to assist as many people as I can in remembering who they really are as I journey on this same path of remembering for myself. I believe that astrology can be a powerful tool for self-knowledge and healing and I hope to share that with the world.

What she does?

Divine Harmony is available for astrological consultations by appointment. There are a variety of options available for readings:
  • An In-Depth Natal Chart Reading involves looking at psychological themes in the chart including the unconscious, the shadow, the balance of feminine and masculine within, and relationship dynamics, as well as more spiritual/esoteric themes such as the soul’s Mission and past incarnations. Divine Harmony looks at both the typical placements (luminaries, planets, angles) as well as more obscure placements (asteroids, transneptunians, the four liliths, other little known bodies). She looks at the chart from both the soul and the personality perspective. An In-Depth Natal Chart Reading including current transits lasts an hour and a half and costs $140 (add $5 if you pay by Paypal). An In-Depth Natal Chart Reading not including transits lasts an hour and costs $100 (add $3 if paying by Paypal).
  • After having your natal chart reading done you can schedule Transit Readings as you desire them. Other individual reading options are Solar Return Readings which look at the birthday chart and give a snapshot of the year to come and Progressed Chart Readings which look at progressions of the birth chart from birth to today revealing the growth and progressed journey of the personality and the soul. Both last an hour and cost $100 (add $3 if paying by Paypal).
  • Divine Harmony also does Compatibility Readings, which are readings done to shed insight into a relationship between two people (romantic, familial, friendship, etc...). An In-Depth Compatibility Reading is similar to the Natal Chart Reading in terms of what is looked at and discussed. It lasts an hour and a half and costs $140 (it lasts that long because there are two birth charts to look at as well as a composite chart).(Note- please add $5 if paying by Paypal)
  • And last but not least, a new offering available as of December 2009 is the Shadow Reading. The Shadow Reading is a very unique astrology reading that goes deep into the Shadow material in the chart. The Shadow is that which we repress, deny, and relegate to the Unconscious. Our lack of conscious awareness about this part of ourselves makes us unable to see it- it is essentially our blind spot. Yet lack of consciousness of our Shadow results in all manner of dysfunction in our lives as it erupts in uncontrollable ways. The Shadow reading looks deep into the psyche and helps one reflect on childhood patterns and wounding, past-life patterns, and relationship dynamics in useful and meaningful ways. The aim of this reading is help an individual move further on their path of consciousness and evolution. If you have never had a reading with Divine Harmony before it is recommended and in most cases required to do the In-Depth Natal Chart Reading first. This one is very focused and one needs to be ready to look this deeply into their own Soul. A Shadow Reading lasts for an hour and a half and costs $140 (add $5 if paying by Paypal).

You can find out more if you visit her website at or her blog at Enjoy guys!

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